About Alvin Cedric

Hey, I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Alvin Cedric (not the chipmunk) and I am a 16 year old artist and producer who loves to write upbeat pop songs to bless your little eardrums.

My biggest dream since 3 years old was to be an aspiring artist and make the music I love. I remember walking into my dad’s studio to record me singing Sunday school songs for fun. Starting 2017 I’d work here and there on writing my own songs (that were terrible and made no sense), but I enjoyed the process, and now I have my own studio, and every day after school I work a bit more on my craft.

I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from artists I’ve always used to listen and look up to as a child, such as Matthew Parker, Branan Murphy and Joshua Micah, which is super crazy.

My New Album “Remedy” just released, BUT July 29th, I’m releasing my best song yet! Be sure to follow me for that.

Ok, if you made it this far, here are a couple fun facts about me and my likings:

– I also like to do graphic design and make lyric videos for other people. I’ve worked with artists such as Coby James, Apex Frazier or even Branan Murphy for this.

– My favorite artists at the moment are Mat Kearney, KAYDEN, Blanks, Riley Clemmons, Owl City, Justin Bieber & Branan Murphy

Feel free to DM me on Instagram and tell me some cool facts about yourself, I’d love to connect with you.