About Alvin Cedric

Hey, I’m so glad you stopped by!

My name is Alvin Cedric (not the chipmunk) and I am a 17 year old artist and producer who loves to write upbeat pop songs to bless your little eardrums.

I’m an aspiring artist and love making music.  I have my own home studio, and every day after school I work a bit more on my craft.

I’ve gotten some really positive feedback from artists I’ve always used to listen and look up to as a child, such as Matthew Parker, Branan Murphy and Joshua Micah, which is rad.

Ok, if you made it this far, here are a couple fun facts about me and my likings:

– I also like to do graphic design and make lyric videos for other people. I’ve worked with artists such as Coby James, Apex Frazier or even Branan Murphy for this.

– My favorite artists at the moment are Mat Kearney, KAYDEN, Blanks, Riley Clemmons, Owl City, Justin Bieber & Branan Murphy

Feel free to DM me on Instagram and tell me some cool facts about yourself, I’d love to connect with you.