About Alvin Cedric

From living in Mexico to living in France, 15 year old singer, songwriter, rapper and producer Alvin Cedric has always had a deep love for music since very young. Watching his dad work countless hours in the studio, he’s always wanted to become an artist. He is now stepping out on the boat to his dream by faith. Basing his most of his content on making inspiring Christian music, he is slowly growing an audience of his own. Mixing different styles such as pop, rap, RnB and funk. Alvin enjoys making music that he likes and is building his own sound off of that. Already having his music featured on YouTube channels with decent followings and with his talent being recognized by artists such as LLC Flame, Apex Frazier, Paul Hernandez or even Alcott, Alvin is here to inspire the world through inspiring and encouraging music for anyone to enjoy.”2020 has been my hardest year to date, but I believe it pushed me further than ever to really go and pursue my dreams with a career in music,” states Alvin. “I have so much stuff in the vault, and I am ready to release it into the world.”